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Sri Lanka Hilfe e.V. - We relieve the distress with your aid!

Our organisation, Sri Lanka Hilfe e.V., has developed from a long-standing private initiative. Willi and Ilse Huppertz, a German couple, used to live and work as development aid workers in Sri Lanka for over ten years and have seen the great hardship of its people with their own eyes. 


During their time in Sri Lanka, they had already established close relationships to many people and to numerous homes. 


When their time as development aid workers had come to an end, the married couple could still not forget the unprecedented hardship of these people, and from that time they kept asking their friends for donations in cash and in kind to provide permanent support to these poorest of the poor. To create a stable foundation for their activities and to be able to issue tax-deductible donation receipts to all donors, the friends joined together to establish a charitable organisation that is registered at the local District Court. 


"People like you can help and all money will be there!"


Your Ilse Huppertz